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As a person getting ready to retire you may have a question which should I invest in Gold or Stock.

Gold prices have been on a tear over the past year, while stock prices have been relatively stable. Is this a good time to buy gold? Gold Prices

In the past year, gold prices have increased by an average of 8.8%. Over the same period, US stock values have increased by an average of 3.2%.

Gold is a physical asset that can be held. Stocks are a piece of paper that represent ownership in a company.

Gold has been used as money for thousands of years. The first stocks were created in the 1600s.

Gold is scarce and stocks are not.

Buying and selling gold costs money. Trading stocks does not.

Gold is taxed when it is sold. Stocks are not.

Gold is a better investment than stocks because it is a physical asset, it is scarce, and it is taxed less.